Working From Home on the Rise

Working From Home on the Rise

In fact, between 2005 and 2013, there’s been an estimated increase of 79.7% in the number of people working from home in the United States. The numbers continue to change each year, as more and more people are discovering the benefits of working from home. Twenty years ago, working from home didn’t even sound possible, but now, thanks to technology, anything is possible.

In the United States alone, at least 33 million people are working remotely. They work for different industries and belong to different age brackets, but the average age is 49 years old, and they are usually employed by companies who have more than 100 employees. They are also college-educated and earn around 58,000 dollars per year.

Remote Worker Occupations

18% of remote workers are employed by companies in the service sector, while 14.5% belong to the management, business, and financial sectors. Office and administrative support take up 13.9%, while production, transportation, and material moving take up 11.9%. Sales occupations have an 11.1% share of remote workers, while education, legal, community service, arts, and media have 10.8%. Healthcare practitioners and technicians have 5.5%, and computer, engineering, and science have 5.2%.

Where They Are

The number of remote workers working from different parts of the US is also quite a revelation. Did you know that the highest number of full-time remote workers come from Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Vermont, and Florida? They comprise 6-7% of the remote population in the country. Apart from these states, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California, South Dakota, Maine, and New Hampshire have the second biggest chunk of remote worker population at 4-5%.


It certainly looks like working outside the confines of the office works wonders for both employees and employers. Those who work remotely notice an increase in their productivity. They report that they have more productive hours because they are more motivated and focused and that they also work longer hours willingly.


Remote workers also feel as connected as they are at home as when they are at the office. They can do everything that they can do at the office right in their workspace at home. They can still be easily reached, and they can quickly be connected to colleagues by phone or email. There is no need to travel just to attend meetings and conferences as there are web conferences and Skype chats in place.


Remote workers also have a more positive attitude towards work. There is an overall sense of satisfaction when it comes to output, as well as management of workloads. They enjoy working at their pace without being micromanaged, and without the distractions to their unique workflow and thought processes.

Work-Life Balance

Most importantly, working from home results in less stress and improved health conditions. There’s more time to spend with family and significant others. You can have more sleep, and sleep on time. You eat better and can relax when needed. You can squeeze in exercise during workday lulls. It almost feels like work is not work anymore.

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