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Nail a Sale the First Time with these Open Home Tips

With today’s technology, open homes have become obsolete. It is claimed that 80% of real estate buyers prefer virtual tours, but is this really the case? Is a virtual visit more beneficial than a traditional home visit?

Open homes give buyers a visual story, not just a glimpse, of the real score of the property. As real estate agents, it is our duty to give our clients the most positive yet honest experience.

Here are top five things to highlight during any home visit so that you nail the sale:

Home Aesthetic Design

The aesthetic design and look of the house are the first thing that any buyer will see. Attractive houses will automatically be differentiated from the competition. Buyers usually have a visual expectation of the house they want to buy. Making sure that they get an entire overview of the aesthetic look and design of the house can help meet and exceed their expectations.

Exterior Ambiance

Taking your client for a walk around the house before actually checking out the inside leaves them with no blind spots, especially on the conditions of the gutter, if it is airy and fresh outside, if the roof needs repair or replacement, etc.

Home Layout

Most virtual home visits do not give the exact feel of the house’s spaciousness, ventilation, light, the feel of each room, and even the ominous stains and smells that you usually get from kitchen floors, the attic, and the basement. All these should be considered when purchasing a home. At times, clients need to consider maintenance and repair; if these things are not highlighted, the worst case scenario is that they will get back at you and may even sue you for ethical reasons.

Disaster Preparedness

This is often neglected during open home visits as many buyers are only excited by the structural form of the property, but checking its disaster preparedness is also a must. For earthquake disasters, you can highlight the materials being used for the home as well as the sturdiness. For fire, you can highlight how many exit doors, fire walls, and fire preventing supplies. For other disasters, you can educate the client on how near the hospitals, fire stations, and even police stations are in the area.

Privacy and Neighbours

Every homeowner wants to live in a place where they feel secure, convenient, and happy. Do the neighbours live close enough, are there hedges that can promote privacy for an afternoon barbeque with family and friends, is it a corner lot, does the homeowner need to tolerate two dogs from their neighbour’s house, are there kids on the block, etc. You want to make sure that simple things like these are also covered. Remember, it is not all about commissions and sale, but the honesty and respect you give to your client which will set you apart from other agents.

Kathyrine Nacionales

A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.
Kathyrine Nacionales

A writer, blogger, and an artist who always sees the beauty in everything.