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Superfoods to Eat in the Morning for a Productive Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because what you eat in the morning can help you stay productive and efficient at work. Although, there are some foods that are just a lot healthier than others. Eating these foods on a regular basis will allow you to have more productive days on a regular basis.

Chia Seeds

For starters, they are a great source of protein. Chia seeds also have a low glycemic index, releasing the energy into the bloodstream in slow but steady bursts. They’re also hydrophilic, meaning they form a gel when they come in contact with water, taking up as much as 10 times its weight. Thus, you feel fuller longer, and you stay hydrated longer.

Chia seeds are best combined with foods that are rich in lysines, like meat, eggs, and nuts. They are tasteless so they won’t affect the taste of the food. They can go with just about any kind of food. Add them to your cereals, salads, or smoothies.


They’re delicious and healthy, not to mention they have natural stimulating properties that keep the blood flowing from the heart to the brain. Avocados make your heart and brain healthy by improving blood flow and energizing your brain cells. It’s a great addition to your breakfast that will also help improve your concentration and focus.


They are a great source of energy and glucose that your body needs for those long hours at work. They keep you feeling full while also fueling your body with active energy. Not to mention that they’re good for the health and taste delicious! There are so many ways you can have your banana. The quickest way will be to eat them like you would any regular banana. You can also add them to your smoothies or your oatmeal.


Now, what’s a breakfast without any eggs? Eggs are delicious and healthy memory enhancers. They can help stimulate the brain for those critical moments at work when you have to analyze data or interpret findings. They can also enhance your brain’s reaction times when it comes to certain situations. You can eat them hard-boiled, poached, fried, or scrambled, and they will still have the same amount of nutrients.


Not only do they taste great, they’re also an awesome superfood that will help improve your memory. The high flavonoid content enhances the memory, enabling you to retain more information needed at work. You can add fresh blueberries in your smoothie, or you can combine them with your oatmeal, pancakes, or toast. You can even eat them on their own for breakfast or a morning snack.


They are rich in protein and natural fat that the body needs to be healthy. Nuts are also an excellent antioxidant, as well as a superfood rich in amino acids. They can help improve brain functions and performance as well as boost your memory.

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