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Read This Before Setting Up Your Own Online Business

According to experts, by the year 2020, most of our consumer transactions will happen online, and our consumer habits will be mostly influenced by the internet. Now that’s your cue to make that dream online business happen and start raking in the profits. Setting up your own online business is easier compared to one that requires an actual physical store. Online businesses take less effort and money, and there’s also less risk involved. There are also a lot of things that you need to consider, and we have listed some of them below.

Find a Need and Fill that Need

You can start with a product and find a market for it, or you can do it the other way around. Find out what a particular market needs, and then create a product that will address that need. Start small and slowly make your way to bigger and stronger things.

Choose a Sales Platform

You can choose whether to sell your product or service on an online marketplace like eBay or Gumtree. Or you can choose to use plug-ins so that you can start selling from your website or blog without having to create a different site altogether.

This also affords you more control over your online presence, not to mention your online store and your blog will be located at the same website address. This way, your customers will not be redirected to a different site, and they can just spend all their time browsing your site. Remember that your goal is to attract people to visit your site, stay on your site, shop on your site, and come back regularly to your site.

Build a Strong E-commerce Website

Creating your website from scratch allows you to do anything. You can build it yourself if you have the artistic and technical know-how, or you can find web designers who can do the job for you. You can even integrate your customer relationship management system to help you monitor sales activities, interact with your customers, and see the effectivity of your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Remember that Less is More

Don’t make your website look too busy. Keep it simple, clean, and straightforward. Use colors, fonts, and layouts that are easy on the eyes and appeal to your market. But, keep in mind that people hate clicking on too many things and waiting to be directed to the next page. They like to see everything about a product in one go so that they can decide whether they want it or not.

Also, make sure that the website content is concise but engaging. Update it regularly, and try to keep the overall tone friendly and professional. Avoid sounding too formal or technical. People still want to feel that human touch, even if they are transacting online.

Provide a Unique and Best Customer Experience

Many online stores give vouchers to customers, simply for registering. These vouchers can be used for the next purchase, inviting them to come back to the site and shop again. They also waive shipping fees when you spend a minimum amount. Online bookseller, Kobo, also treats customers with discounted books when it’s their birth months or when they have not logged on to their site for a while.

Some shopping websites also have 24/7 chat support, in case the customer has questions about a certain product. Extra touches like these are what will set your website apart and will keep your customers coming back.

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