Labor Day Promo Buy 1 Get 1 Free Teacher Plan [ended]

Labor Day Promo Buy 1 Get 1 Free Teacher Plan [ended]

This promo has ended.


We know that teachers work hard, and this Labor Day we want to reward you by offering a buy 1 get 1 free on the Kami Teacher Plan.

This means that you (and all of your students) + a teacher friend (and all of their students) get access to the highest tier of Kami plans for $99 per year!

To redeem, click here.

What is Included?

The Kami Teacher Plan offers all of the tools that our highest tier of plan offers. Not only will you be rid of ads, the Kami Teacher Plan also offers:

  • Viewing PDF Documents, Presentation Slides and Images
  • Add Text Tool
  • Highlight Text Tool
  • Underline and Strikethrough Text Tool
  • Freehand Drawing Tool
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Annotation
  • Split and Merge Tool
  • OCR Tool
  • Signing Tool
  • Draw Shapes Tool
  • Insert Image
  • Sharing, and Real-Time Collaboration
  • Runs Offline
  • Works with Google Drive
  • Priority Support

Why Kami Teacher Plan over Schools Plan?

The advantage of this is that teachers can easily decide and upgrade within their classroom using their classroom budget allocated to materials and tools. The Kami Teacher Plan is easier and faster as you no longer have to go through a lengthy buying process of a typical purchasing structure.

While the Kami Teacher Plan includes all of the same tools that are offered in the Schools Plan, this plan gives you the control to make the decision to purchase tools quickly that you know will be beneficial to your classroom.

A Better Way to Work

Kami is a safe and innovative classroom productivity tool. We are COPPA compliant and being a Google partner; we are GAFE ready. Kami features the ability to view, edit, annotate, share, and collaborate all your files. There are many benefits from using Kami as a learning tool such as:

  • Interactive Learning: It opens doors for educators to personalize the learning process, depending on the needs of your students. Documents can be improved by adding images, charts, and illustrations. Common image file formats such as .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif may be viewed on Kami.
  • Adaptability and accessibility: What schools often overlook is how students learn at different paces. Through Kami, lessons are accessible at any time, whenever the need arises. For teachers, it is an opportunity to update or edit teaching materials, even from the comfort of their homes. For students, on the other hand, it makes reviewing class materials easier and allows students to be more in control of their learning process.
  • Promotes group work and project collaboration: Kami allows real-time collaboration. Highlighting and color-coding comments are just some of its features. It also makes revision easier and more organized by allowing users to filter out individual inputs, showing who contributed what and when.
  • Facilitates feedback: Kami provides an avenue where students can feel more comfortable asking questions. With Kami’s powerful annotation functionality, students can comfortably ask questions as well as give and receive feedback from their teachers and peers.

To redeem buy 1 get 1 free promotion, simply click here to purchase and you will be emailed two activation codes – 1 for yourself and 1 for a friend!