Kami Launches Automatic Google Drive Saving

Today we are happy to announce that we’re rolling out our most-requested feature ever: Automatic saving of your annotations to Google Drive!

We’ve always saved your annotations securely within Kami as you made them (and we sync them immediately to your collaborator’s screens also), and now we will also automatically save these changes into the PDF file on Google Drive.Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 4.27.55 PM

We’re also launching a new Sync menu, which will show you the status of your file, and when the changes were last saved to Kami or Google Drive. You can also trigger a save manually from this menu. 

Getting started with the new saving is easy – just open up a file by clicking it in Google Drive or through the file picker as normal, and you’ll see the new sync icon at the top right. Sync will be automatically enabled if you have a premium account, otherwise you’ll need to turn it on manually.

We save your changes to the file every minute, and the history of changes to the file will be saved on Google Drive.

For more information on this, see the Saving article on our new and updated Knowledge Base.

We have lots of exciting new features coming as we complete the change from Notable PDF to Kami, so stay tuned!

For any questions or problems, please email hello@kamihq.com

Jordan Thoms

Jordan Thoms

Co-founder, CTO at Kami
Kami Co-founder and CTO.
Jordan Thoms
  • Steve Hunter

    Fantastic news, makes a great product even better – very happy you listen to your customers :0

    Keep it coming please.

  • Jeff Rosselli

    Couldn’t agree with Steve’s comments more! Great features were rolled out earlier this month and look forward to future developments.

  • Christophe Grout

    Thanks… just so usefull !

  • C.F.

    Very curious to know how this works if two people are collaborating outside of Kami cloud sync. That is, if a colleague and I annotate at more or less the same time our shared (inside Drive) PDF, are changes merged or overwritten? If overwritten, it kinda seems misleading. I checked https://community.kamihq.com/t/how-are-my-annotations-saved/190/4 and didn’t see the answers.

    I want to collaborate with colleagues inside of Google Drive (don’t want to have yet another cloud space for PDF documents if possible).

    • James Knapp

      When you have two people working on the same document, annotations are merged, and not overwritten. This means that collaborators cannot adjust/overwrite other collaborators annotations.