How Biology and Environmental Studies Teacher Solved Her Paper Management Problems

How many hours per week do you spend preparing and printing documents only to watch them go straight to the bottom of students backpacks? For Jill Nation at Cathedral City High School, this problem was all too familiar. For Jill, a Biology and Environmental Science teacher, paper management was really frustrating. “You end up with so many papers all over your desk, and then you hand them back to the students, and they still end up on your floor.” Having to make large numbers of copies every time she found a PDF she wanted to use was tedious and wasteful. Paper management is a hassle for everyone, and Jill was looking for a better way of managing documents. The Kami Teacher Plan was the perfect solution. The Kami Teacher Plan gave Jill and all of her students access to all of the tools and features that Kami has to offer.

The advantage of this plan is that teachers can easily decide and upgrade within their classroom using their classroom budget allocated to materials and tools. While the Kami Teacher Plan includes all of the same tools that are offered in the Schools Plan, this plan gives you the control to decide to purchase tools quickly that you know will be beneficial to your classroom.

What is Included?

The Kami Teacher Plan offers all of the tools that our highest tier of plan offers. The Kami Teacher Plan offers:

  • Google Classroom Integration
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Video Annotation
  • Dictionary
  • Equation Editor
  • Viewing PDF Documents, Presentation Slides, and Images
  • Add Text Tool
  • Highlight Text Tool
  • Underline and Strikethrough Text Tool
  • Freehand Drawing Tool
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Speech to Text
  • Voice Annotation
  • Split and Merge Tool
  • OCR Tool
  • Signing Tool
  • Draw Shapes Tool
  • Insert Image
  • Sharing, and Real-Time Collaboration
  • Runs Offline
  • Works with Google Drive
  • Priority Support

The search for a better way of managing documents led Jill to Kami. With Kami, she was able to manage documents far easier than before as there was no longer the need to print anything. The convenience of being able to access older documents has made her classroom run more efficiently. If in a month from now they need to revisit photosynthesis, Jill can instruct her students to pull out their assignment from Google Drive and work on it in Kami.

Jill found that rolling out Kami to her students was a breeze. The layout and bright colors keep her students engaged and excited about something which, in the past, they found quite mundane. For Jill, Kami is an obvious answer to going paperless. It’s easy to use and does exactly what she needs it to do.

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How do I get my free Kami Teacher Plan?
1. You will be sent two emails. The first will confirm that your Kami Teacher Plan is active, and will include a URL that you will need share with your students to give them access.
2. The second email will be the free Kami Teacher Plan, for you to forward to the lucky teacher. Note that they will need to click “Click to Activate License”.

To redeem the Kami Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, simply click here to purchase.

*Sale runs from 27 February 2018 until 27 April 2018. Limit of 3 licenses per school.