Great Teambuilding Activities for 2016

Great Teambuilding Activities for 2016

Team building activities are a fun and effective way to unite a team. As a team, you can set goals, develop strengths, and work on weaknesses together. Teambuilding activities can be held within your office premises, or off-site if your company has the budget. Either way, here are some great team building activities that you should do to make sure everybody will enjoy and be excited to participate.

Salt and Pepper

The Salt and Pepper game is a quick, fun, and engaging icebreaker game. It’s ideal for large groups (10 or more, but the bigger, the better,) and preferably even numbered. The facilitator will have to list down anything that comes in pairs on pieces of paper. That’s one item per paper (salt on one paper, pepper on another.) These bits of paper will then be taped to everybody’s back, and participants will have to ask others what word it is they have been assigned. They can only ask questions that can be answered by yes or no. Once a participant has guessed his or her assigned word, he or she will have to find a person who has a partner word. After finding a partner, they have to sit down and learn five interesting things about each other.


The facilitator will present the group with a Lego sculpture that he has created beforehand. The object of the game is for the teams to recreate the sculpture by sending a team representative, who will try to memorize what the sculpture looks like, to the front of the room. The team representatives can take as long as they need. However, no pens, papers, cameras, or videos will be allowed anywhere in the room, especially near the sculpture. Representatives will have to rely on their memories. When they’re done memorizing, they can return to their respective teams and instruct them how to build the replica of the Lego sculpture. It’s a perfect game for a small group, probably three to six teams. This game will teach them to strategize and make use of their communication and problem-solving skills.

The Mine Field

This is a great exercise for verbal communication, trust, concentration, and strategy. The Mine Field game is perfect for both big and small groups and is best held indoors, preferably in a large room or hallway. Everybody will be paired off into teams of two. The room will be strategically littered with ‘mines’, which can be anything from swivel chairs, bags, pencils, shoes, etc. One person will be blindfolded while the other will act as his navigator. The person in the blindfold must cross to the other side without stepping on any mines. He needs to listen to what his partner will tell him without touching him, and without his partner entering the mine field. The team who successfully crosses to the other side in the shortest amount of time wins.

Life Highlights

This next team building activity will allow the group to relax and slow down by getting to know everybody on a more personal and intimate level. This is also a nice and simple way to learn about everyone’s personalities, passions, and priorities. As the name suggests, the Life Highlights game will ask each participant to share the best moments of their lives. These can be any defining moment that they have experienced by themselves or with the people they love. After all team members have shared their life highlights, the facilitator will then ask them to narrow them down. They now have to pick one moment that they would want to relive if they only had thirty seconds left in this world and explain the reasons they chose it.


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