Great Apps that will Boost your Productivity

Great Apps that will Boost your Productivity

Thanks to technology, there are now apps available that can ensure you are working productively while helping you concentrate or effectively combat boredom or burnout. People swear by these apps and how much they have made work so much easier and more enjoyable. Here are five of them.


If you love to make lists and feel a sense of accomplishment every time you complete or tick off an item, Wunderlist can be your new best friend.

Wanderlist is a no-nonsense note-taking application that you can access across all of your devices for free. Not only is it simple and straightforward; it can also do a whole bunch of other stuff beyond list-making. Folders can be created for different categories, such as work, hobbies, kids, and home. Things you create on your Wunderlist can be shared with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can even set reminders, alarms, and notifications so that you don’t forget anything. Find something good on the Internet? You can add it to your Wunderlist and even print it so that you have your own physical copy.


This is a free app that lets you scan and keep your receipts.It’s a very helpful app when you need to claim expenses or submit expenses reports. Shoeboxed helps you keep track of your expenses and records after you scan them.

You can even store all those business cards from clients and colleagues and keep everything in order. Also, you can do away with paper receipts and keep them safe and digitized in a single place. What’s more, you can easily find the receipts or data that you need without having to go through the actual receipts one by one. That’s a lot of time saved!


Think of it as a digital sketchpad for artists and visual thinkers. With Inflow you can doodle, draw, sketch, colour, and paint just as you can with an actual sketchpad. You can keep your ideas all on one page, and you can easily edit, erase, or move elements anywhere on the page. What’s awesome about this is that you can use images taken with your iPhone or iPad and edit them in any way you like. The basic app is free, and you can do a lot with it. If you require more colors, fonts, and pages, you can also sign up for the paid account.


Sometimes, you just need some great music to get you energized, to have that spark of inspiration, or simply to wake you up when you’re starting to feel sleepy and exhausted with work. Sign up for an account, and you can have access to a million songs, which you can organize into playlists. You can play the app on your mobile phone and even on your computer. Spotify has millions of songs and available playlists that let you discover new artists and new songs, too.

Stand Up! The Work Break Timer

Too much work and sitting behind your desk is bad for your health. With this fun but functional app, you can be reminded when you need to stand up and do a much-needed stretch. Stand Up! The Work Break Timer is not a health app that promises to make you fit and buff, but it can make sure that your body is not idle for too long.

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