Google Offers Free Collaboration Tools for Students

Education is very powerful, but without technology, teaching and learning will be as inconvenient and as monotonous as the old times. Schools nowadays are making sure they integrate technology in their classes every day. To help teachers fulfill this responsibility, Google continues to provide up-to-date and functional learning materials for both teaching and learning. Google Play for Education ensures that their innovations provide easy collaboration among students. Also, they make sure that this app is absolutely free for all academic uses. Here are some of the most useful learning apps that Google offers.


When it comes to collaboration and organization, Trello is a fantastic Google app for students. This app can help a group collaborate with each other well by letting them share various educational materials and check their progress on every single task. It is also great for individual use as it can help any student manage tasks well through the Trello board, which provides them lists of their tasks and projects with their deadlines and other specifics. This Google app is very handy as it serves as a sticky note that they can bring and access anytime and anywhere.


SchematicMind does not offer a plethora of features, but for students who struggle with their projects, homework, and presentations, this Google app is a winner. SchematicMind helps to organize cluttered minds by letting students create and edit mind maps for free.

In point of fact, this app is not only a mind-mapping tool but also a collaboration tool. With this simple yet very smart and useful learning app, students will be able to organize their thoughts through mind maps and to share them with the whole group. Thus, they can see and discuss each other’s thoughts easily so they can make quick decisions for team projects or presentations.

My World Heritage Passport

This Google app isn’t just great for travelers; it is also perfect for students. My World Heritage Passport allows students to visit all the sites of UNESCO World Heritage virtually. With this app, they will not only see those interesting and amusing sites but also learn a lot about them through photos, articles, blog posts, and regular updates. This app can also help students to facilitate group presentations and projects.

Hands-on Equations

Most students have difficulties in learning Mathematics. However, with this Google app, students can learn Math, particularly Arithmetic, much faster. Because students often find this subject to be boring, apps, such as Hands-on Equations, will make learning easier and more fun. This learning tool can help students to collaborate with their classmates during Math period. It also allows them to solve problems, with the group, and to compare results. Even Math lovers will be amazed by this simple yet very functional Google learning app as it gives them the opportunity to improve their mathematical skills even more.


When looking for a way to annotate a variety of documents, including PDF, look no further than Kami. Kami is an innovative online office productivity tool. It features the ability to view, edit, annotate, share, and collaborate all your files. With the rapid uptake of Chromebooks as schools around the world move to paperless environments, Kami allows users to interact online with documents created in a variety of formats.

Maria Dublin

Contributor at Kami
Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.
Maria Dublin

Maria is a writer, an editor, and a law student. She plays for the Philippine national touch football team, and does a lot of travelling during the holidays.